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Group Benefits

Group Benefits Management Employee Benefits: Rising Premiums vs. Quality Care Businesses of every type and size face the challenge of meeting rising premiums with cost-effective plans that won’t sacrifice quality care and service. Our dedication to knowing your company and its needs ensures that we do everything we can to take some of the sting […]

Business Continuation Planning

Business Continuation Planning Major Transition Preparedness: Retirement, Permanent Disability or Death When a key contributor is taken out of the picture, business continuation planning is critical to maintaining seamless management of business operations. The options available to you in such an event normally include liquidation, retention of the business for the owner’s family or sale […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning* Protection of Assets: Distribution & Tax Advantages Confronting “what if” scenarios of death can be difficult – you might think you are too young or that your estate is not big enough to warrant an estate plan.  However, without a systematic plan, estates can be diminished by taxes or distributed in a manner […]

Long-Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Planning Reducing the Burden: Asset Protection & Care Coverage As life expectancies increase, there is greater likelihood that individuals will experience a chronic and debilitating illness requiring long-term care.  Long-term care includes all the health, social, psychological and other services people need to support life over a long period. (e.g., nursing care, daily […]

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform Employer Responsibility: Compliance Checklist, Updates & Deadlines With the advent of the Health Care Reform Act, Massachusetts employers have a greater responsibility to assist the Commonwealth in reducing the population of uninsured individuals. Some key pieces of the legislation include: Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) Nondiscrimination Guidelines Extended Health Insurance Coverage for Dependents through […]