Perri C. Petricca, CEO Petricca Industries

“Despite significant market challenges, Scarafoni has helped us achieve a positive cost/value balance while providing immensely valuable, day-to-day HR implementations.”

Patrick Sheehan, CEO/Owner, Sheehan Health Group, LLC

“On a weekly basis, Scarafoni educates our staff across the state on the nuances of our package to help us reduce claims, manage issues and beat the normal trend of inflated expenses.”

Yvonne Robert, Practice Administrator, Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates, Inc.

“Over the last decade, Scarafoni has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars while guiding our staff through the complications of coverage on an individual basis.”

Barton Raser, CEO/Owner, Carr Hardware & Supply Companies

“Through exhaustive audits, Scarafoni is helping us make informed, educated decisions towards a long-term, savings-focused strategy of managed benefits.”

David Pedrotti, President/Owner, Modern Mold & Tool

“During this time of rapid expansions and contractions, Scarafoni has provided us with benefits planning continuity as well as onsite, day-to-day HR assistance.”

C. Jeffrey Cook, Partner, Cohen, Kinne, Valicenti & Cook PC

“In addition to assisting us with implementing our employee benefits, Scarafoni continues to be an expert resource on disability and medical insurance issues.”

Peter Novak, CEO, Charter Oak Insurance & Financial Services

“From managing our COBRA administration to capping administrative costs, Scarafoni fills an otherwise problematic HR void with knowledgeable, attentive service.”